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Our family fishing lure and tackle company was founded in 2015 by a young diehard bass fisherman named Anthony Awgul in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. At just 16 years old, Anthony was frustrated with the overcrowded bass fishing lure and tackle market that was overwhelmed with endless products, varieties, and options aimed at "catching" fishermen, not fish. He saw the need to develop a complete, effective, and affordable product line of essential fishing lures and tackle that simply catch fish in any situation or condition on the water.


About a decade later and Menace Baits is still owned and operated by Anthony Awgul (and now also his wife Bethany) in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Since 2021, Anthony also became a full-time bass fishing guide in Southeast Pennsylvania. He exclusively relies on his line of Menace Baits fishing lures and tackle to consistently produce results on the water everyday.

Today, Menace Baits is so much more than just a fishing lure and tackle company. We've become a community of anglers around the nation who are obsessively passionate about bass fishing. We're committed to conservation, education, relationships, and simply enjoying the great outdoors together. We invite you to become a part of our fishing family by joining Team Menace Fishing (Visit

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